What is animation anyway?


Billy’s balloon 1998 – by Don Hertzfeldt


Source :http://www.bitterfilms.com/balloon.html

Billy’s Balloon by Don Hertzfeldt is a basic yet intriguing animation. I love that although a simple animation there is definitely a juxtaposition between the balloon usually being an innocent symbol yet in the animation it is aggressive and beats the child.  The animation itself starts slow leaving the viewer guessing at what will happen next. This is then very quickly met with an abrupt interruption from the balloon. From here the animation picks up pace even adding in other children toward the end. The animation could have a deeper meaning about child abuse and how children keep quiet about abuse much like the child in the animation never said a word. However I believe this animation is purely about the idea of something innocent becoming the opposite and how ludicrous it is for a balloon to hit a child. I feel this is played on later in the animation when we are shown multiple children being beaten up by other balloons.



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