Laser References

Trying to work out how to go about setting my lasers up so that my thief can sneak through them. One film that came to mind was The Magic Roundabout.

The link above shows the scene where Ermintrude begins to move through the lasers.

Another film I was referencing was Get Smart, an american action, comedy, adventure starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway.

In this scene Agent 99, Anne Hathaway’s character moves through the lasers in a suggestive manner while encouraging Max, Steve Carell, to watch so he can copy.

I was originally going to take a 2D approach to this scene however I’m now looking at changing to a more 3D approach so we can see the character move through the lasers properly.


I feel I may be able to add more comedy to the 3D perspective than I can to the 2D. I could have my Thief dart across the screen.

A blend of the two may give me the best result.


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