Plan change

After this mornings feedback it was suggested that my original idea maybe scary, which was a thought I had myself. It was suggested that instead of having my fox going into the cave and be still because it may disturb what’s in there, have it hibernating. I thought this was a great idea.

Through a Google search I discovered foxes don’t hibernate but will seek shelter for a few days. Therefore my fox will be up against a snow storm and comes across the cave which it uses as a shelter while the snow passes.

I feel this is a better idea than my original plan and am very happy to go ahead with this.

I want to keep the location as a forest but it’s just a bit snowy now. I feel snow falling maybe a little difficult/take a while to animate but I’m willing to give it a go before changing the season.

Image result for snowy forest drawing

I love the depth in the trees here as well as the colours used.

Image result for the long dark gif snow When thinking about a snowy world I thought of a game called The Long Dark. The design of the world is similar to the one I want to create. The isolation, tall trees and use of colour.

Image result for 2d snow gif

This is just a reference for snow falling.

I have also developed my main character. When thinking of well known foxes I immediately thought of Fantastic Mr Fox. I really want to emulate that kind of suave, sophisticated with my fox. My fox will have small amounts of speech and I want the voice to be the same kind of charming, deep voice.

Below is my new story board.



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