My response to the feedback I got on Monday morning.

Is it working?

“Nice simple script, managed any lip syncing with your fox? Love the watercolour aesthetic, I’d like to see it in the environment.

I like your ideas and the theme you used it. However, your story needs an end to have a full story and make since to children in that age.”

I do think I need to practice doing some lip syncing with my fox but I am trying to get on with my animation. However I can see how it would be beneficial. I am also happy with my choice of aesthetic. Hopefully once the animation is finished the story will make sense to all ages, I’ve maybe just not explained it very well?

Any advice?

“Upload something of the fox to tame the beasts. I’d stick with the minimalist design for your fox.

You need to start animating 2 weeks left! Furthermore, it better to add a sounds effect like winds to have a cold feeling on your animation”

I am trying to keep my fox as minimal as possible while still keeping some detail. I have started animating, just no post :’D. I did think about adding sound effects, however this would be the last thing I do as it’s just not as important as the rest of the animation and narration.

What do you think about my blog posts related to this project?

“Nice so far, need a few over the next week.

Nice sketches and clear ideas. Keep updating”

Yeah, agreed. Will probably take a couple of clips from the animation so far and upload that. Thank you! And I will 🙂

Overall I am happy with the feedback I got and agreed with majority of it. I think it would be good to see some of my animation so far on my blog as that’s pretty sparse so far just been busy animating!


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