Winter Wonderland

Here’s the vimeo link:

And here are some stills from the video šŸ™‚laurenmoles-2laurenmoleslaurenmoles-4laurenmoles-3

Although I noticed a few mistakes within the animation after submitting but I am happy with the final product. I think this is mainly due to me felling a lot more confident in TVPaint after this, which is why I wanted to do this project in TVPaint in the first place. Given more time I would definitely smooth a few things out. It feels like it jumps from one scene to another very quickly. This might be because I wanted to get the animation done before the deadline and the animation being limited but it’s definitely something to bare in mind next time. One thing I am very happy with is the art style I chose to go with. I love the watercolour look and the moving of the foxes colour. I am also glad I changed to a more simplistic style of fox.


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