Character design review

All the drawings from this project…


The design for his face I am happy with, even if he does look like Jason Statham. I think he’s the right amount of rugged and rough while still being able to smarten up and be a gentleman.

The expression sheet could definitely be better. It has made me realise I need to draw expressions more and work on developing a style. I really need to sit down and work out how to best show expressions.

I’m actually kinda happy with the turn around to say its the first one I’ve done. Looking at it now however I realise it doesn’t quite line up properly. This was an oversight that on reviewing my work I can see. I think my turnaround could have also done with facial expressions but due to time pressures I decided not to do this.

I think my story telling poses could have been better but again due to time pressure this is what happened.

I think I should have timed things better with this project knowing that I’d never done any of this before and might need time.


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