Final Idea-Snowman

After sometime stressing over what I was going to do I finally have an idea. It’s a sad one though.


Basic idea:

Snowman in snow globe sees a real snowman outside and becomes sad about his situation.

A breakdown:

Camera starts on snowman very happy and content

He’s looking around at his surroundings in amazement

A (toy) train goes past

He watches the train go by, we then see the train go around him

The camera zooms out to show he is in a snow globe

Zoom back in, he’s still following the train which takes his gaze over to a window

He can see through the window next to him

There is a real snowman outside

He is sad and jealous of the snowman outside


Now just decide whether 3D or stop motion is the way forward.

Here’s a cute animation + inspiration for the design of the snowman

snowman 3d model obj blend 1



First drawing face


Image result for superman

Image result for thief garrett

Image result for sam fisher

David Lakeman



Can read people, knows how what people are going to do before they do it, Sherlock like?

Thief- good, has advantage

Gets caught, uses it for good

Referred to as Lakeman.

Thief after 13 years police catch him, police have had something taken from them they want back, if he helps avoids jail and they have a cure- they’ve known and been interested in him for a while.


Style – Will Eisner


As my animation is getting close to finished I wanted to run through the ideas behind the animation.

In my animation I have included the Good Food’s channel colours (orange, red and yellow). I placed orange bags in the background, orange post it notes and a red a chopping board. It is also why I chose this specific kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen gave it orange tones already without me having to do anything.


I purposely shot in a kitchen as Good Food idents are, majority of the time, based around a kitchen, dinning room or eating. I felt that the kitchen was perfect as it’s where you prepare food.

I want the main focus to be on the peas and the pod. To achieve this I used depth of field to blur the background and slightly blur the foreground. This takes the attention away from the background allowing to to add to the piece rather than distract.

Animatic thing

I need a clearer idea of what I was actually going to be taking photos of. So here’s an animatic that’s more just a rough animation…


It feels like the beginning takes too long, while the end feels rushed. It takes 89 frames for the first pea to even appear. I think this needs to be faster.

In the actual animation I will definitely be focusing in on the peas and the pod. I didn’t mean to leave so much white space..oops…

Slight change

Slightly changed my idea. I couldn’t think of a practical reason to squish a tomato, as much as I wanted to. So, now I’m focusing on peas in a pod…

Here’s a basic story board that needs filling out a little more…


My aesthetic has changed slightly too. My pod will be made out of felt while my peas will be ping pong balls.

also a dancing pea


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors?

I went through TV show list after TV show list and it felt like I couldn’t find what I wanted; a TV show that I’m interested in and warrants a reboot. Like I normally do when I’m stuck I turned to my dad (I’m a daddies girl). I asked him what he would like to see rebooted from his childhood.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

Image result for Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors logo

Image result for Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

It might not be 100% my thing but I definitely think it has potential to be rebooted.


The plots a little long winded and I feel like Den of Geek could explain it better than me. Taken from here: 

“Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors had, well, everything. An ongoing saga of good vs. evil, science, magic, annoying robots, a teenage hero, armed vehicles, things transforming into other things, plant based mutants, and, of course, a botanist.

The plot defies explanation by anything as trivial as words, but basically involves super botanist Audric (Jayce’s father) and his experiments in biotechnology in order to solve the problem of famine in the galaxy.

Audric solves the problem, but a burst of radiation turns his plants into the Monster Minds, a group of vegetation-based monsters who can transform”…”into armed vehicles.

Audric manages to create a magical root that can destroy the Monster Minds, but has to flee before he can use it. He gives half of the root to his robotic servant Oon, and sends him to serve his son Jayce. This leaves Jayce and his friends to find Audric and reunite the two halves of the root, thus destroying the monster minds.

But there’s more! After receiving the magical root from Oon, Jayce is told about the Lightning League, a group of heroes who led their ancestors to victory. Jayce is given the ring of the leader by Gillan, a purple robed space-wizard who built the Lightning League’s ground vehicles, which they use in battles with the Monster Minds.

Jayce and his friends (the Lightning League – you still following this?) get a ride from Han Solo-a-like Herc Stormsailor, a mercenary who is tricked into transporting the team when Gillan turns a mountain of lead bars into gold. Ultimately, over 65 episodes, the gang battled the evil Monster Minds before the show was cancelled due to unimpressive toy sales.”

So in summary super botanist is trying to save galaxy from famine. Radiation causes the plants to become Monsters known as the Monster Minds. Audric, the super botanist, has a magical root that he created to fight the Monster Minds but didn’t get to use it. Audric has half while Oon has the other half. Audric sends Oon to serve Jayce his son. Jayce and his friends fight the Monster Minds as the Lightening League.

Still quite complex. Might need simplifying a little.

I thinking still keeping it as a TV series as I believe it would work well.

Some more info 

Original run: September 16, 1985 – April 27, 1986

It originally ran on Channel 4 in the UK

It’s production team was DIC Entertainment

Running time was about 22 minutes

There was 65 episodes

Just need to start figuring out style…