Quick Reel



Here is the finished video.



And my self evaluation.

How did you explore the relationship between visual aesthetics and story in your piece?
In my piece I explored the relationship between aesthetic and story by using colour to help represent the mood. At the beginning of my piece the colours were a lot lighter while later everything turned darker and even grey in some parts. I also used a boiling effect which stopped once the mood changed.
How did you explore and then use a range of production practices or use hybrid animation in your piece?
For my animation, while primarily done in TV Paint, I used after Effects and Premiere in post-production. After Effects helped add a look of glass to my snow globe while premiere stitched the whole animation together, allowed me to lay music over the top and let me credit people at the end.
How for did you push the narratives ideas for your piece?
I feel the story explains itself well through my animation. You see the difference in the snowman in animation in his movements and facial expressions. Different camera shots helped explain the story too. I used my final two shots to really cement the idea of him being in a snow globe. However, I do feel as though I could have pushed the real snowman outside idea a little more.
How well did you use planning to help deliver your finished animation?
I feel planning is always an area I can improve on. Once I have an idea I always just want to get going with the piece. Storyboarding does help me get my ideas down into something coherent. However, I feel other parts of planning I don’t explore as much as I should such as detailed character drawings. This is something I would like to improve on.
How well did you employ a range of practical animation skills?
Although my animation was purely 2D with a couple of scenes incorporating the use of After Effects, I feel this is sufficient for my piece. Throughout there was lots of problem solving as I encountered issues in the process.
How strong was your problem solving in developing your animation workflow?
I feel I over came a few problems in my animation. Sometimes these were solved with not much disruption while others took longer. When a problem caused disruption to workflow I often left the problem for a few days then came back so I could carry on with other things while I worked out how to resolve the issue.
To what extent did you use collaboration within the animation studio environment to develop your ideas?
I don’t feel as though I fully use the animation environment to its full potential. This is because I don’t regularly ask my peers what they think of my work. In class when advice has been offered I have taken it on board and found it informative. However, I have never really encountered any strong opinions against my work as to what could be improved.
How well did you use resource management within development and making of animated work?
I feel I used resource management well in this project. All resources I need were kept in one folder at a time and consistently moved from USB to computer for a more reliable saving process.