progress gifs

My snowman has had a slight redesign like my characters always do while I’m animating. While taking inspiration from The Snowman while also going for a really rough and sketchy feel to the animation.


I really like the pulsing of colours. To me it makes my animation feel more alive. It’s like even when my character is still there’s still some movement.


This animation obviously needs tidying but this is essentially the emotion change. I’m still deciding whether the tear is a bit far. It also probably could do with slowing down a little.


This train needs tidying up. It needs to move a little faster. I also need my snowman in the background.





The globe has been erased to be replaced with an effect in after effects to make it look more like glass. This means the globe will distort the wooden pane behind it.

Final Idea-Snowman

After sometime stressing over what I was going to do I finally have an idea. It’s a sad one though.


Basic idea:

Snowman in snow globe sees a real snowman outside and becomes sad about his situation.

A breakdown:

Camera starts on snowman very happy and content

He’s looking around at his surroundings in amazement

A (toy) train goes past

He watches the train go by, we then see the train go around him

The camera zooms out to show he is in a snow globe

Zoom back in, he’s still following the train which takes his gaze over to a window

He can see through the window next to him

There is a real snowman outside

He is sad and jealous of the snowman outside


Now just decide whether 3D or stop motion is the way forward.

Here’s a cute animation + inspiration for the design of the snowman

snowman 3d model obj blend 1


After being given a new brief a week ago I still haven’t settled on an idea. I have been through a snail stuck on a pavement, a puffer fish with a fear and the idea of a little wool character.


My idea of a snail of the pavement struggling to get to where he wants to be so he finds something to make him go faster feels like a cliche. It feels so obvious. In this the snail would go from frustrated to happy.

Puffer fish:

I had an idea of a puffer fish encountering a watch with an alarm set on it. The watch falls down next to the fish in the sea. He investigates and after a while the alarm goes off scaring the fish causing him to puff up, This again feels like its been over done. The fish would go from happy and content to scared.


I had no idea where I was going with this idea it just came to mind as something I could use for stop motion if I chose to take that route.