As my animation is getting close to finished I wanted to run through the ideas behind the animation.

In my animation I have included the Good Food’s channel colours (orange, red and yellow). I placed orange bags in the background, orange post it notes and a red a chopping board. It is also why I chose this specific kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen gave it orange tones already without me having to do anything.


I purposely shot in a kitchen as Good Food idents are, majority of the time, based around a kitchen, dinning room or eating. I felt that the kitchen was perfect as it’s where you prepare food.

I want the main focus to be on the peas and the pod. To achieve this I used depth of field to blur the background and slightly blur the foreground. This takes the attention away from the background allowing to to add to the piece rather than distract.

Finished Ident

It is done!

Before I start a small review of my work, this project has really made me understand frames and timings and how they translate into what is seen. It took me 3 days work to actually get something I was happy with. I got angry, upset and wanted to give up. Things just weren’t going my way. However, that behind me, I am very pleased with what has come out of this project. I am glad I pushed myself to do it.

Although I feel that the piece could be improved, I’m quite happy with it. It was my first ever attempt at stop motion and I didn’t have any software to help me. After doing this without any software like DragonFrame, I can definitely see the benefits of it. I think my animation would have greatly benefited from something like DragonFrame.

I didn’t quite stick to my story board. While creating the animation I realised I didn’t quite know how to achieve certain techniques and as I found ways to do them, I didn’t quite execute them well enough. This caused me to slightly change what happened during the animation.

One improvement I have had suggested to me was to make the left eye on the Pea Pod stand out more by giving it a white outline. I completely agree with this advice and if I’d had more time I would have done this for the final hand in, however this may be an improvement I do at a later date.

Overall I am happy with what I have produced. I think it’s pretty different to what the rest of the class has done. Although I think some bits need tweaking (mainly problems to do with timing/speed and more frames being needed) I think it’s a cute and tidy animation.

Now to lose all ability to animate over Easter.

Animatic thing

I need a clearer idea of what I was actually going to be taking photos of. So here’s an animatic that’s more just a rough animation…


It feels like the beginning takes too long, while the end feels rushed. It takes 89 frames for the first pea to even appear. I think this needs to be faster.

In the actual animation I will definitely be focusing in on the peas and the pod. I didn’t mean to leave so much white space..oops…

Slight change

Slightly changed my idea. I couldn’t think of a practical reason to squish a tomato, as much as I wanted to. So, now I’m focusing on peas in a pod…

Here’s a basic story board that needs filling out a little more…


My aesthetic has changed slightly too. My pod will be made out of felt while my peas will be ping pong balls.

also a dancing pea


Plan of Action

I’ve figured what will actually happen in my animation, roughly…

My tomato will be running on screen, it then gets squished by a rolling pin to reveal the good food logo.

This idea is rough and will probably change slightly when I story board it out and then go to make it.

Going back onto design I am thinking of adding eyes and maybe arms to my character like the video down below. This will  definitely be done in tvpaint after the images have been taken.



Vague idea for my ident

After writing a list of all the channels I thought would be interesting to work on, I decided on Good Food.

My ideas for what will happen are still kinda vague and not thoroughly thought through yet, as you can see below:


So while my ideas for what will actually happen are still coming together I have decided to focus on the aesthetic that I want to go for.

I wanted to my idents to be light hearted and funny(hopefully). I really wanted to try some stop motion so my mind immediately went to:

Image result for plasticine tomato

Plasticine tomatoes.

And as I delved deeper into plasticine vegetables I found more styles that I liked and came up with more ideas.

Image result for plasticine vegetables

Image result for plasticine vegetables

Image result for plasticine peas in a pod

I want a minimalist style. A simpler block colour background, either white or a colour to either make whats on the kitchen top stand out or contrast.


I feel like my characters should have eyes. Just trying to decide whether to have those eyes in plasticine or maybe add them on in TVPaint which may also give me a chance to add arms.