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David Lakeman



Can read people, knows how what people are going to do before they do it, Sherlock like?

Thief- good, has advantage

Gets caught, uses it for good

Referred to as Lakeman.

Thief after 13 years police catch him, police have had something taken from them they want back, if he helps avoids jail and they have a cure- they’ve known and been interested in him for a while.


Style – Will Eisner

Animatic thing

I need a clearer idea of what I was actually going to be taking photos of. So here’s an animatic that’s more just a rough animation…


It feels like the beginning takes too long, while the end feels rushed. It takes 89 frames for the first pea to even appear. I think this needs to be faster.

In the actual animation I will definitely be focusing in on the peas and the pod. I didn’t mean to leave so much white space..oops…

Slight change

Slightly changed my idea. I couldn’t think of a practical reason to squish a tomato, as much as I wanted to. So, now I’m focusing on peas in a pod…

Here’s a basic story board that needs filling out a little more…


My aesthetic has changed slightly too. My pod will be made out of felt while my peas will be ping pong balls.

also a dancing pea


Winter Wonderland

Here’s the vimeo link:

And here are some stills from the video 🙂laurenmoles-2laurenmoleslaurenmoles-4laurenmoles-3

Although I noticed a few mistakes within the animation after submitting but I am happy with the final product. I think this is mainly due to me felling a lot more confident in TVPaint after this, which is why I wanted to do this project in TVPaint in the first place. Given more time I would definitely smooth a few things out. It feels like it jumps from one scene to another very quickly. This might be because I wanted to get the animation done before the deadline and the animation being limited but it’s definitely something to bare in mind next time. One thing I am very happy with is the art style I chose to go with. I love the watercolour look and the moving of the foxes colour. I am also glad I changed to a more simplistic style of fox.